Month: September 2019

Weigh Less Louisville Techniques

Weight Loss Louisville Techniques
Our weight loss programs include: Superior Cellular Cleansing: Our high-quality cellular cleansing drops have the highest concentration of Pau D’ Arco extract, which binds to toxins within the body. This helps in removing toxins from the body through waste.  Fusion Minerals: We offer a complete macro-mineral whole food supplement containing…

Great Benefits of Weight Loss

Great Benefits of Weight Loss Louisville Kentucky
Maybe you’re getting married soon and want to look great on your wedding day. Or perhaps you can finally afford to book that dream vacation to a tropical paradise and want to rock that swimsuit you’ve been eyeing online. Or it could be that you’ve ultimately decided that you are…

Prevention and reversal of Type 2 Diabetes

Knee Pain Louisville
Diabetes affects more than 30 million Americans, with about 1 in 10 people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes causing it to be of the fastest growing health conditions in the world. Numerous studies have shown that physical inactivity, high fat diets, diets that are rich in fatty acids, and obesity…

Weight Gain has links to Knee pain….

knee pain louisville ky
Did you know that knee pain is one of the most common complications of being overweight or obese. If you’re among the millions of people who experience chronic knee pain, even a small weight loss can help reduce pain and lower the risk of osteoarthritis (OA). Our body works in…