Free Holiday Cooking Class with Weigh Less Louisville

Free Holiday Cooking Class with Weigh Less Louisville

Would you like to learn how to create delicious, healthy holiday meals​, but don’t know where to start? 

Perhaps you would like to maintain or lose weight during the Holiday season, but don’t want to sacrifice the taste associated with holiday feasting?  Visit us on Thursday, Dec. 5th from 5:30 to 7:00pm for a free cooking class with Weigh Less Louisville’s CEO and health specialist, Jeff Rosum. 

If you’re looking to stay in shape, get in shape, or lose a few pounds, this course is for you! Best of all, the course is free and so is the food!    

​​This introductory class will show you how to prepare and cook some delicious holiday favorites while still being conscious about your weight and health goals. 

​Come take part in the holiday cooking!  The entire session and all food is complimentary.  Weigh Less Louisville is located inside of Optimum Health Center on Shelbyville Road.  

Click below to get tickets online or call us today to reserve your spot: ​​ (502) 290-7876

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