How to Obtain Long Term Health & Fitness Goals in a Short Term World

How to Obtain Long Term Health & Fitness Goals in a Short Term World

Our society is obsessed with instant gratification; we have the world at our fingertips at all times. You need groceries, click a few buttons and within 2 hours they are on your doorsteps and the same goes for fast food. We are able to get more done by doing less but this mindset is sabotaging our society on all fronts.  We go to the gym for high impact training thinking we are going to get results that day.   Fad workouts come and go with varying results. 

Diets like HCG, weight loss pills, injections and surgeries give us those immediate results without putting in the work and effort our bodies need. What are the long-term repercussions on our health?   In order to make a long term change, you need to make whatever it is a habit. For the sake of this article we are talking about weight loss, but this concept holds true to every aspect of life. To make something a habit, the task needs to performed daily without waiver for at least 21 days. This takes commitment and can not be prescribed, but by doing this you change your body and mindset at a neurological level and the process becomes something that you can repeat on a daily basis. This holds true for diet and exercise. You need to train your brain to eat right, that food is fuel and nothing more. I tell my clients daily; “eat to live, not live to eat”!  

At Weigh Less Louisville we have been researching the best possible solutions for a consistent and long term weight loss.  We have found the program that has worked for decades in Europe and has been a complete success.   Our goal is to make your body healthy and then the weight will come off. No frozen food, drugs, injections, surgeries or fad work outs with our plan.   Long-term success and health is what the goal is.  Not short term gains that come and go.     Improvements that remain are what the goal of weight loss should be.  Staying healthy and fit is easier than ever with the Weigh Less Louisville weight loss plan for improvement that last!

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