Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease


IBD is an autoimmune disease that typically consists of one of two conditions, Ulcerative Colitis, or Chrons disease. Both these conditions are different but similar in that they are both caused by your body’s own immune system attacking a part or several parts of your digestive system.

Surprisingly, IBD is most common in developed countries rather than poorer countries. This is important to note because obesity is most common in developed countries as well. Not surprisingly, obesity is common in cases of IBD. There are several theories of the exact cause of IBD but obesity, as well as genetic factors, dietary considerations and hereditary factors could all play a part. No one can control hereditary or genetic factors, but controlling diet, controlling weight are factors that can be controlled.

If your obese, or have a poor diet, the chances of having flare ups with IBD are increased. Here at Weigh Less Louisville, we have trained professionals to guide you to lose unwanted fat, learn how to develop a diet to minimize your flare ups, and possibly reduce the amount of medications you take for IBD. Call Weigh Less Louisville today for a Weightloss  consultation.

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