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Chiropractor And Weight Loss Specialist

From the time I was a teenager I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor. Growing up playing sports and working out led me to maintain optimum health through routine check-ups, healthy eating and seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. From an early age, I was educated that the body is a self-sustaining organism as long as you nourish it properly.

I continued down this path and incorporated my health and wellness ideals into my undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and graduated with my Chiropractic Degree from Life University in Atlanta, GA in 2010. While finishing up at Life University, I accepted a position as an associate with David Seastedt, in Louisville, Kentucky. After working with David and learning how to run an office, I was ready to open my own practice, specializing in athletic care, wellness, personal injury, laser therapy and weight loss programs. My philosophy of care has always been rooted in my desire to help people. With the growing epidemic of opiate use in the United States, I want to help people attain optimum health without the use of drugs or surgery.

I became involved in the weight loss aspect of care due to many of my patient’s health needs. The underlying problem with many of my patients is excessive weight, which leads to back, hip, knee and overall body pain; it really does affect everything. I administer a doctor-supervised, all natural, non-GMO, supplementation program for weight loss. My patients come in for an initial consultation and begin using the products on their first visit. There is a series of follow up visits that is based on individual needs of the patient. We teach our patients how to manage their food intake and coach them about cooking, and buying their own food, among other healthy lifestyle changes. I also implement red light laser therapy to help tighten the skin and increase fat loss after a patient has achieved fifteen to twenty pounds of weight loss.

Since implementing weight loss programs my patients have had some major success stories. I had one gentleman, in his early sixties, who had two failed back surgeries and his extra weight was precluding him from hobbies, such as golf and exercise. He was miserable. After completing the weight loss program and receiving regular chiropractic care, he lost 72 pounds over the course of four months, was pain-free and incredibly happy to get his life back. I had a female patient around the same age, who was seventy pounds overweight. After completing the program, she had lost enough weight to come off of her Type 2 Diabetes medication. Many of my patients have been able to keep the weight off for years and I attribute that success to the techniques we teach in our program. Once a patient begins to realize that they are making simple, easy lifestyle changes that allow them to shed weight and keep it off, they are able to continue doing that for the rest of their life. I also encourage all of my patients to stay under chiropractic care as it will help keep their body in a healthier state and allow for whole body wellness.

With so much healing and success in my current practice I am on track to open a second location, Optimum Health Center, which focuses on a whole-body approach to health and wellness. I love to work out, golf as much as I can, and eat healthy foods. My wife and I enjoy cooking nutritious, delicious snacks and meals for our two children and I have decided to incorporate more of a focus on meal prep, nutrition and cooking in my new practice. We are going to teach people how to cook, how to incorporate exercise into their lives, and how to make nutritional food choices that lead to lifelong weight loss and health goals.

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