Pregnancy and Weight Gain

Pregnancy and Weight Gain

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It is essential pregnant women gain a healthy amount of weight throughout her pregnancy. The amount of weight gained recommended is typically based on a woman’s body mass index (BMI) prior to getting pregnant. Hence, the higher your BMI prior to pregnancy the less weight that should be gained. Ranges differ but someone with a high BMI should gain probably no more than 20
pounds, but women with low BMI should gain up to 40 pounds.

Losing Weight AfTer Pregnancy

Unfortunately, getting that weight and extra fat off after pregnancy can be difficult. Many women claim that they were never over weight till they had kids. As a woman gets older, has a baby or two, coupled along with hormonal changes, losing weight could be difficult without the right guidance. Here at Weigh Less Louisville, we have a staff of trained professionals that can assist you to attain your pre-pregnancy weight or even a new, lower goal weight. Call Weigh Less Louisville today for a consultation to attain your post pregnancy weight loss goals.


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