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Natural Weight Loss In Louisville

Weigh Less Louisville is an all natural, sustainable weight loss program without the use of pills, injections or surgery.

Lose up to one pound of fat per day with Weigh Less Louisville’s premier program! Our supervised weight loss program consists of an all natural supplementation, easy to follow food management plan and the state-of-the-art fat melting contour light, complete with in-house sessions.


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Contour Light Treatments

All natural, sustainable weight loss without the use of pills, injections or surgery.

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Why Choose Weigh Less Louisville?

Every patient of ours is unique and special. Our staff will work with you to achieve your weight loss goals and feel your best. Our program also utilizes Contour Light Treatments. Contour Light body sculpting is a technique that stimulates the transitory pores of the fat cells to open, the water, glycerol and free fatty acids are eliminated by the body in natural way. This minimally invasive treatment facilitates body modeling and provides you noticeable results in minimal time.

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