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    Louisville’s Natural Weight Loss Clinic

    Weigh Less Louisville is Louisville’s Natural Weight Loss Clinic.  Our weight loss specialists use an all natural, sustainable weight reduction program to help your body lose weight without the burden of pills, injections or surgery.

    All of our weight loss programs are supervised and consist of all natural supplementation, with an easy-to-follow food management plan. We combine your customized meal plan with regular sessions in our in-house contour light system which emptys fat cells to reduce your weight. Some of our clients can lose up to one pound of fat per day depending on their routine.

    If you are struggling with your weight and need the help of trained specialists, please contact us.  We work with children and adults alike.  Since our program is completely natural, you don’t have to worry about many of the issues that plague most weight loss programs.  This is your opportunity to get the body you deserve.  Our Louisville-based weight loss clinic is equipped with everything you need to lose weight starting on day one.

    Contact us today and one of our weight loss specialists will reply immediately. Our job is to help you achieve your goal.

    For our Louisville pain management center, please click here.

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    All natural, sustainable weight loss without the use of pills, injections or surgery.


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